The Making of “Ocean Without a Floor” in New York City (1/2)

Director, Writer & Editor: Amna Hadzic
Producer: Vid Milakovic
Executive Producer: Amna Hadzic
Supervising producer: Ana Milakovic
Starring: Grace Kiley, Harriet Veltkamp, Joanna Jagodzinska, Vid Milakovic
Directors of Photography: Cameron Livesey (New York City), Kyle Adams (Abu Dhabi)

After excerpts from an old journal are read by her granddaughter, Albertine, a retired novelist with dementia, recalls a lost memory of a person from her past.

Albertine, a retired novelist with dementia, reconnects with her younger self by remembering the memories of both happiness and loss. Her granddaughter reads from Albertine’s old journal with the hope of helping Albertine retrieve a lost memory of an important person from her past, evoking the person her grandmother used to be. As memories continue to resurface, Albertine tries to make sense of the past she relives. Faced with a choice between accepting or suppressing part of her past, the decision she ultimately makes will change the way she sees herself.

In the pictures you can see: location scouting, production day 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, productions days 2 and 3 in Central Park, NYC crew and cast

Ocean Without a Floor had its World Premiere in August as part of the official selection at the 29th Sarajevo Film Festival.  

At the moment, the film cannot be publicly shared due to the fact that it is being submitted to international film festivals and due to festivals’ strict policies about this.
However, you can contact me directly and request special access to watch the  film in its entirety.