︎ Strijele na Horizontu - Link

Spec Music Video
Abu Dhabi

Directed and filmed by: Amna Hadzic, Vid Milakovic
Starring: Amna Hadzic, Vid Milakovic
Edited by: Amna Hadzic
Music by: Jinx
"Strijele na Horizontu" is a music video made by two best friends, both filmmakers, during a Covid-19 lockdown. 

The video was a product of pure joy and love for filmmaking, as well as one of our favourite Croatian bands named Jinx.

There were no other crew members on this set, except for us, excluding even a director of photography. 

This project is yet another example of a collaboration between Vid and me, and yet another testament to our friendship and close collaboration over the years. 

The link is attached.