"Ocean Without a Floor" was selected for the competition program at the New York Shorts International Film Festival! 

Ocean Without a Floor will have its North American Premiere on October 19 as part of the official competition program at the 2023 New York Shorts International Film Festival.

“Ocean Without a Floor” is returning home!

The film was selected for the competition program at the New York Shorts International Film Festival, the largest short film festival on the East Coast.
The screening will take place on October 19, at 4 PM, at the Cinema Village Theater.

I am proud that the North American premiere will take place in one of the oldest continuously operated art cinemas in New York City. The history of this cinema was also told in the film “The Projectionist” by Abel Ferrara.

My producer, Vid Milaković, and I shot the principal photography of the film completely independently when we were studying in New York. Despite the prospect of two foreign students producing a film in New York completely on their own- with the help of our supervising producer, Ana Milaković, we overcame all obstacles and made this film purely out of love for filmmaking, but also with the aim to tell an important story about Albertine, dementia and the meaning of personal memories. The year-long process of making this film, which included shooting part of it in Abu Dhabi, was a testament to our love and passion for filmmaking.

We hope the New York audience will enjoy watching the film as much as we loved making it!

You can find the link to the program here: https://www.nyshorts.net/program-34?fbclid=IwAR1CIXpr8or9OjCQAn2rR2cdsjCC-69xCaRLe7I0Qzq1uSPiFzO1Mgq9ZCk!

Written, Directed & Edited by: Amna Hadžić
Produced by: Vid Milaković
Executive Producer: Amna Hadžić
Supervising Producer: Ana Milaković

At the moment, the film cannot be publicly shared due to the fact that it is being submitted to international film festivals and due to festivals’ strict policies about this.
However, you can contact me directly and request special access to watch the  film in its entirety.