︎ But I Love You (2023) - Link

Director: Vid Milakovic
Producer: Amna Hadzic
Starring: Joanna Jagodzinska, Milos Vojinovic
Director of Photography: Kyle Adams
On a road trip, a couple finds themselves trapped in a space between life and death where they address conflicting recollections of a series of events.

“But I Love You” is yet another collaboration between Vid Milakovic and me in a series of projects we worked on together. The project is Vid’s graduation thesis film, which explores the evolution of a couple’s relationship as they are trapped in a space between life and death.  

The link to a trailer is attached.  At the moment, the film cannot be publicly share due to the fact that it is being submitted to international film festivals and due to festivals’ strict policies about this.
However, you can contact me and request special access to watch the full film.