︎  Before the Camera (2021)

Experimental Documentary Film
Abu Dhabi 

Directed, filmed and edited by: Amna Hadzic

An experimental film that aimed to capture a sense of a person, a close friend of mine.

No matter how close we want to be with them, people we do not share the same native language with will always remain somewhat of a mystery to us.

Ilia was telling me a story about the evolution of our friendship that started in the first film class we were taking together. 
While I understood some bits and general context, I actually never understood some of the warmest things he had to say about me and our friendship.
This project was also challenging in the sense that I had to edit and put together material that was filmed in a language that I do not fully understand, as well as make sense of what Ilia was saying with my very limited understanding of Russian. 

The link is attached.